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Saddle Fitting Clinics

Bob Hickman, Being a saddle maker since 1985 teaches his knowledge in saddle fitting seminars. An hour (or) two seminar covering the  mechanics and function of saddles, interspersed with hands-on application of that information. Participants get experience evaluating saddle fit on a variety of horses including their own.

(Depending on the number of participants.)


  • How Western saddles are made
  • Functions of the Saddle Parts
  • How the Saddle Affects the Horse
  • How the Saddle Affects the Rider
  • Why are there so many Problems?
  • Signs of Poor Saddle Fit for the Horse
  • Signs of Poor Saddle Fit for the Rider



Bob explains: That there are no true industry standards of measurements in tree widths or angles of a Western Saddle. Often, in order to market to the masses, production saddlers will call the semi-quarter horse tree a "quarter horse" tree ,so you will better assume it will fit your Quarter Horse.

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Saddle repair
Saddle repair

We offer saddle repair.

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Saddle fittng
Saddle fittng

Looking for the right saddle to fit your horse? We offer saddle fitting. Email

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Saddle trades/Consignment's
Saddle trades/Consignment's

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