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Established and operated by Bob Hickman, along with Tara Hickman, and our craftsmen. Hickman Saddlery Custom Tack has been in business since 1989 and is expanding worldwide. Hickman Saddlery sells to collectors in France, Italy and Sweden. Canada. There's a big market in Europe. Our existence revolves around our dedication to provide high quality, custom tack that is built the working cowboy and back country horseman as well as packing mules & horses.,. We've long been known for producing the finest quality. We are producing the best working saddles available. Cable rigged saddles. The new rigging allows you to adjust any setting desired by positioning the 1/4 " locking collar on the cable. Full, 7/8, 3/4 or even center fire are all achievable. The La Porte tree is made of carbon fiber, the same material used in the nosecone of the F-14 fighter. Hickman Saddlery has one of the widest selections of western saddles in the area.

Our craftsmen take pride in their work.

Our Staff  (Pictures coming soon)

Whether it is a full saddle, headstall or packing equipment, we pay extreme attention to detail. We use only the highest quality materials, including Hermann Oak Grade Leather.  Each piece of tack is hand tooled and finished, then carefully inspected before it leaves our shop.




Bob Hickman

 Bob Hickman

Bob is the founder of Hickman Saddlery. Bob Hickman began tooling leather when he was 12 years old. Bob Hickman learned his craft in leather making school in 1979-1980 Spokane community college.  From there he began building custom saddles and working cowboy gear. Building his business as a saddle maker he has been very sucessful through the years

Bob has been a bit, spur and saddle collector for the past twenty years. Bob was born in Almota, Washington. Bob Hickman's grandfather was a foundation breeder for appaloosa's back in late 1920's through 1940's.  Bob was a calf roper in high school and College.His latest product is a, cable-rigged saddle, with a carbon fiber tree. Western traditions come easily to Hickman. He grew up on the Hickman owned family 4000 acre ranch in Colfax WA and north Idaho. "I think this is one of the last industries that have gotten computerized. Some (cowboys) are lucky to even have electricity."

Tara Hickman

Tara Hickman

 Tara's dedication, leadership and excellence in marketing.

 Ms. Hickman specializes in customer relations. In the course of her duties, she is responsible for overseeing finances and marketing, running the shop, and working with customers to ensure that they get exactly what they want from their custom-made items. She attributes her success to her husband, who is the co-owner of the business and a master leather craftsman. Ms. Hickman travels to horse events across the United States and Canada to sell and promote her company's custom equestrian products. In addition, the company's innovative custom saddles have been featured in the Quarter Horse News and Horse All. Ms. Hickman believes that grassroots marketing and exposure have taken Hickman Saddlery to the next level.

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